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15 hotels where you can live with animals in Lviv

Due to constant quarantine restrictions, practicality, coziness, and comfort are in fashion now. Therefore, pet lovers are increasingly buying miniature breeds of dogs. Because these little fluffy creatures are living anti-stresses that distract their owners from hard everyday life. With them, it is convenient to travel on business trips and travel. But, it is not always possible to find pets friendly hotels. But the Gruner Lviv Boutique Hotel will gladly welcome guests of the city with their four-legged companions.

15 hotels where you can live with animals in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel

Rules for staying with animals in Lviv hotels

Hotels generally accept small and medium-sized pets. However, if these are dogs of medium and large breeds, they must wear a muzzle on the hotel’s territory. The animal must have all the necessary vaccinations, as evidenced by a certificate from the veterinarian. The hotel also accepts guide dogs and animals from the police special forces. Also, guests must bring their trays bowl for feeding, although some hotels offer their dishes for cats and dogs, like the Gruner Lviv Boutique Hotel.
There is a list of rules for staying with animals in the hotel. Dog owners are not allowed to walk their pets on the playground territory and the lawns. Hotel administrations do not allow pets to be taken to restaurants, spas, and other public areas. Animals are also not allowed to be fed from hotel dishes, washed in the shower cabin of the room, wiped with towels from the hotel for people, and combed out their hair in the room or lobby. If the pet does not have its cage, it cannot be left unattended on the hotel’s territory.
During cleaning, the guest must ensure no dog or cat in the room.

Check into a hotel with pets

Before checking into a room, the hotel administration introduces the guests to the rules for keeping animals and agrees. Sometimes the rules of some hotels stipulate that the client is settled only with lapdogs of certain breeds. For the settlement of an animal, the client is obliged to make a cash contribution. The administration has the right to decide whether to settle the animal in their institution.
The hotel has the right to terminate the contract and evict the client under several conditions:
violation of the established rules for staying in a hotel with animals (see above);
noisy, aggressive behavior of an animal that violates public order in an institution.
The maid must know that an animal is settled in the hotel room during cleaning. In this case, the staff should hang a sign on the door handle indicating that there is a pet left unattended in the room. Hotel employees do not have the right to enter the room if a cat or dog is there without an owner. When checking into a room with a four-legged companion, the hotel client must pay for the cleaning and disinfection of the room during the stay at the hotel and after check-out.
Cleaning of rooms with animals by staff is carried out in the following way:
cleaning and disinfection of floors in bathrooms and showers;
thorough cleaning and stain removal from furniture and carpets;
Treatment with disinfectant solutions of glass and utensils because a simple wash will not help eliminate bacteria left by animals. Hotel staff must use 4A-coded disinfectants when cleaning rooms.

How to choose a hotel with animals

When choosing a place to stay with animals in Ukraine, you must first make sure that your hotel is marked pets friendly. There are 15 such hotels in Lviv and the region. Here you can find out more about hotels where you can live with animals.

Gruner Lviv Boutique Hotel

Gruner Lviv Boutique Hotel will gladly host visiting owners of cats and dogs. We give each pet a unique bowl and feed. Settlement of the animal takes place with a separate surcharge.

Drevnii Hrad

Park-hotel Drevnii Hrad in Lviv accommodates clients with cats and dogs of small breeds only in cottages. The amount of additional payment for the settlement of the animal in the room – 300 hryvnias.

Bank hotel

The five-star hotel in the city center is located in the reconstructed building of the Austro-Hungarian Bank. Dogs of non-fighting breeds weighing up to 10 kg are allowed to check-in, and the number of animals in the room should not exceed two individuals. The cost of living for each pet is 600 hryvnia per day.

Leopolis Hotel

A cozy hotel, also located in the city center, a 3-minute walk from Rynok Square. Each room has a flat-screen TV, minibar, and air conditioning. Check-in at the hotel with animals is possible upon payment of 600 hryvnias for each pet. You can pay at the time of registration, check-in, or check-out.

Reikartz Dworzec

Quiet hotel in a historic building close to the train station. Only small dogs of non-fighting breeds are allowed in the hotel. The maximum number of pets is two individuals per room. The cost of living a dog is half the cost of one place per day.

Sonata hotel & restaurant

Hotel-restaurant in Lviv with cozy rooms inside. There is a TV with cable TV. The possibility of settling with animals on prior request, with additional payment and a deposit.

Kavalier Boutique Hotel

Another boutique hotel in the center of Lviv with comfortable rooms. There are terraces, a sunbathing area, a tennis court, and table tennis. Rest with pets in the hotel is possible upon prior request. Additional charges may apply to the client, depending on the circumstances.

Hostel Molodizhnyi

Budget option for young tourists and students. The hostel is located in the Arena Lviv area. Accommodation in rooms with animals is allowed upon prior request, with a possible additional payment.

Panorama Lviv Hotel

Hotel in the center of Lviv with a restaurant, gym, and conference services. Panorama Lviv Hotel accepts clients with animals and helps find a place for walking, the nearest pet stores, and veterinary pharmacies.

JustLvivIt Apartments

The hotel is located right in the center of Lviv, on Rynok Square. Most of the apartments here are located in a historic four-story Renaissance building. In the same building, there is the famous “Kryivka.” Pets are allowed in the hotel.

Hotel Palma

Design art hotel is located more than 3 kilometers from the Lychakiv cemetery. Not far from the hotel, there is a restaurant serving Ukrainian cuisine. The hotel allows guests with animals; additional payment is possible. The Hotel Palma website has a list of rules for guests with cats and dogs.

Hotel Coin

The hotel is located in the city center, from it you can get to the Cathedral of St. George, Lviv National University. I. Frank and the Potocki Palace. Upon check-in, each pet is given a bowl.


Hotel Cisar allows pets to be accommodated for a fee. The building with a terrace and city views is a 15-minute walk from the city center. And each hotel room there is equipped with a private bathroom and a TV.

Sherlock Holmes Boutique Hotel

The modern 3-star hotel is located 2.6 kilometers from Shevchenko Avenue and the monument to Ivasyuk, 3 kilometers from the Latin Cathedral. The hotel includes a range of amenities, including separate bowls for pets.

Apart Hotel Code 10

The 3-star hotel is located near the church of St. Onuphrius. The rooms offer a view of Castle Hill, and within walking distance, there is a restaurant, “Malynivka.” Pets are allowed in the hotel.



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