The best hotels in Lviv

A good weekend in Lviv begins with choosing a hotel because it is the first point to feel the city. A hotel needs to meet all your criteria and becomes a favorite place to return to after a busy day. We offer you to find out everything about the best hotels in Lviv to determine where you can fully relax.

Gruner Lviv Boutique Hotel

If it is important for you that vacation in Lviv brings not only impressions but also fresh ideas and emotional recharging, Gruner Lviv Boutique Hotel is one of the best solutions. Inspiration here comes with a beautiful morning light that penetrates through the spacious panoramic windows. The visual aesthetics are complemented by a loft-style interior and an authentic balcony – the perfect backdrop for photos!


Gruner Lviv Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of the city, but its highlight is not the location. One of the most important things is the standards of hospitality and comfort, which were confirmed by the International Hospitality Awards. Your room will have everything you need to feel like home, including:

  • kitchenette with refrigerator;
  • dishwasher;
  • coffee maker

The appeal “The Best Hotel in Lviv” is suitable for Gruner Lviv Boutique Hotel with its exclusive interiors, unique service focused on comfort, calmness, and confidentiality. Its guests – are real friends who are modern people, taking care of themselves and their natives.  Gruner Lviv Boutique Hotel with a bright person follows the trends, takes care of each guest and the environment. In the hotel you always feel at home, only better!

Features: location in the center of Lviv, designer interiors, self-check-in, King Size beds.

Address: General Grigorenko Square, 5

Number of stars: 4

Room price “Standard”: from 2 500 UAH per night

Grand Hotel Lviv

The interior of the hotel is made in a classic style, the main emphasis of which is preserved handmade furniture and decorative elements of the XX century. Going inside, you can feel how each detail together reveals the idea of a timeless human desire for the ideal, which seems to have been achieved here. Be careful when choosing the Grand Hotel for the weekend – here you can easily cancel a walk in the evening in Lviv in favor of relaxation in the Oasis Infinity Pool & SPA.


There are six types of saunas, massage rooms, a gym, a hay room, and a swimming pool. In addition, Grand Hotel has a unique trump card, which does not compete with any other Lviv hotel – Casino First. For connoisseurs of this type of relaxation, there are 3 roulette tables, 9 tables for card games, 55 modern slot machines from the world’s leading companies, and a VIP hall.

Features: location in the central part of Lviv, outstanding architecture of the facade, casino, and SPA.



Address: 13 Svobody Avenue

Number of stars: 5

Standard room rate: from 4 567 per night


Leopolis Hotel Lviv

To understand the concept of the Leopolis Hotel, it is better to get acquainted with its founders – the Hartwell family, who visited Lviv a few years ago for business purposes. In 2007 they opened the Leopolis Hotel, impressed by the city, and recreated the atmosphere of hospitality with which Lviv greeted them. The hotel can rightly be called one of the coziest and quietest in Lviv, where you stay both for family vacations and business trips.


Leopolis has proven to be a great spot for conferences. There are three different halls: Leopolis Hall, Karelia, and Inkerman, which can host events of any type for up to 250 people. The hotel provides all kinds of services, including flower delivery, music, and entertainment. Proof of belonging to the category “Best Hotels in Lviv” and quality service is a two-time victor in the nomination of the best business hotel in the prestigious World Travel Awards.


Features: location in the center of Lviv, SPA, and fitness center

Address: st. Theatrical, 16

Number of stars: 5

Room rate “Standard”: from 4 764 UAH per night


Astoria Hotel Lviv

The history of the hotel is interesting at least because it began in 1914 – the year of the First World War. A beautiful house in the Neo-Renaissance style, designed by the famous Polish architect T. Gardel, quickly became the center of secular life in the Austro-Hungarian city of Lviv. Wealthy guests of the city and, of course, actors of the Lviv National Opera, next to which the hotel is located, stayed here.


The hotel is also famous for the Mon Chef meat delicacy restaurant, which was chosen as a 4-time finalist of the Salt Award, and in 2019 – a finalist in the nomination “Best Restaurant at the Hotel”. The French “Mon Chef” translates as “Your Chef”, and it is not just a name, but a reflection of the unique gastronomic attraction “Chef’s Table”. The chef prepares the author’s dishes in the open kitchen, and guests can not only watch the master class but also take an active part in it.

Features: location in the city center, original restaurant, lobby bar


Address: st. Gorodotska, 15

Number of stars: 4

Room rate “Standard”: from 2 355 UAH per night


Ibis Styles Lviv Center

The designers of Ibis Styles managed to present a fresh look at Lviv, which suffers from stereotypes and clichés. How did they do it? Thanks to the details and extraordinary combinations! Ukrainian national motifs, embroidery elements, historic buildings together with the image of the city plan are used on wallpapers, carpets, and unique tile patterns. Guests can find design elements inspired by the daily life of modern Lviv, such as a bicycle, a tram, an old school bench, a city lamp, and a lion motif on each of the 8 floors of the hotel.


If you choose the best economy class hotels in Lviv, then Ibis Styles becomes a good option. The hotel offers a wonderful view of the historic center of Lviv. A children’s room is provided for younger guests. There is a possibility of accommodation with pets.


Features: good prices, picturesque views from the windows, children’s area and business area

Address: st. Shukhevich, 3

Number of stars: 3

Room price “Standard”: from 1 690 UAH per day


Atlas Deluxe

Atlas Deluxe Hotel is located in a historic building that is an architectural monument of local significance. The house combines key features of English architecture of the early XX century, modernized Gothic motifs, and medieval stylization. The romantic but at the same time conservative tradition is passed on thanks to antique interior elements, exclusive Italian furniture, and spacious marble bathrooms.


There is a restaurant of European cuisine “Scottish Coffee House” with a unique gastronomic concept for Lviv on the ground floor – fresh meat and seafood are cooked here on hot lava stone. The hotel also includes a gym and a beauty salon.

Features: location in the center of Lviv, exquisite architecture, designer interiors, restaurant, where cooks on a lava stone, SPA


Address: 27 Shevchenko Avenue

Number of stars: 4

Room price “Standard”: from 2 940 UAH per day


Citadel Inn Hotel&Resort

The hotel is located on a castle slope, near the Old Town, which is a unique fortification of the XIX century, which has remained unchanged to this day. Visiting the Citadel Inn Hotel & Resort, you can enjoy Lviv from an unusual perspective – through the prism of historical events, among the luxury of the Austrian imperial style, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and medieval spirit.


Features: unique architecture, beautiful views from the balconies, fine restaurant, business service


Address: st. Grabowski, 11

Number of stars: 5

Room rate “Standard”: from 4 361 UAH per night



The hotel is located in the authentic building of Galicia’s largest financial institution, the Austro-Hungarian Bank, with its luxurious marble stairs and stained glass windows, original ceramics, and decorative wall elements. The architects wanted to preserve and develop the defining theme of the bank in the design of the hotel, starting directly from its name.

This concept mostly applies to the first two floors, where the original interiors have been saved. In other rooms – modern design with muted tones, luxurious abstract patterns, and graphic compositions of French Art Nouveau artists.

The structure of the BANK HOTEL includes the “Safe” restaurant on the ground floor, the Reserve wine bar with a terrace, a spa, a fitness room, a beauty salon, and the Satirikon art bar, which means “an icon of satire, humor”. Intellectual humor can be found not only on the walls of the bar but also in the names of the author’s cocktails.


Features: authentic architecture, stylish room design, comprehensive service


Address: st. November Rank, 8

Number of stars: 5

The cost of the room “Standard”: from 3 321 UAH per night


Kavalier Boutique Hotel

Kavalier Boutique Hotel embodies the idea of ​​a holiday complex, where people come for a few days to turn off the phone and forget about everything. Located in a landscaped park and designed in a refined architectural style, the hotel resembles a country royal estate. It has everything you need for a few days of rest and even more. Guests are offered a tennis court, outdoor pool with lounge area, mini zoo, winery. All this makes Kavalier Boutique Hotel a good option for a summer family vacation.


Features: picturesque landscape, outdoor pool, mini zoo, tennis court


Address: st. Staroznesenska, 70

Number of stars: 5

Room price “Standard”: from 2 245 UAH per night