What can you bring from Lviv?

When you are talking about Lviv, old streets, elegant architecture, cozy cafes and hospitable people immediately come to mind. All these things form the image of the city in our imagination, create an unforgettable history and make us come back here again. What can you bring from Lviv for memory? The choice is considerable, and it depends on your interests: strong drinks, confectionery delicacies, authentic decor, jewelry, national costumes, etc. – everyone will find something special. And, for your easier decision, we took care and collected our list of gifts from Lviv. So, go for the treasures.

What can you bring from Lviv?



For coffee to Lviv. First, you may drink it while walking around the city, and then you probably should buy it when coming back home. Here are the places where you can do two things simultaneously.

  • Coffee mine

Coffee mine

This is the first stop for all coffee lovers in Lviv. The peculiarity of this place is that coffee isn’t only drunk her, but also it is “obtained” from the ground.

Coffee mine

This is the first stop for all coffee lovers in Lviv. The peculiarity of this place is that coffee isn’t only drunk her, but also it is “obtained” from the ground.

What exactly do you need to do when visiting the “Mine”:

  • visit the dungeon tour;
  • try Lviv “soldered” coffee with caramel crust;

"soldered" coffee with caramel crust;

  • buy coffee – there is a bench with a wide range of different varieties;
  • read while drinking hot coffee – Kopalna has its own library and bookstore, where you can buy something for your own shelves.

What exactly do you need to do when visiting the "Mine":

Where: Sq. Market, 10.

  • The world of coffee

The world of coffee

If you ask Lviv residents what their favorite coffee shop is, most of them will confidently say the “Coffee World”. It started with a dream and a small shop, and later became a large three-story building that changed the coffee culture of the city. They fry the best Arabica grains on their own, and then turn them into delicious drinks. In the “Coffee World” locals solve their deals, listen to vinyl records, have breakfast and get acquainted on the terraces with a view of the town hall.

The world of coffee

A great place to buy a piece of it – coffee – home and then enjoy the memories from this trip for a long time.

Where: Sq. Market, 30 / street Cathedral, 6

  • Armenian

“Armenka” is a legendary coffee house in Lviv, which has existed since 1979. To tell about this spot, only the title of Agnes Martin-Lugan’s book – “Happy people read books and drink coffee” would be enough.


This place is very respectful to old traditions and still brew coffee “orientally” – on the sand, but with the help of the latest technology. In this way, Armenians not only preserve the classic taste of the drink, but also improve it every time.


In addition, the spot supports other interesting traditions. For example, “suspended” coffee. The gist is to buy coffee and warn the stuff to pour a cup of coffee to the next person that will come. In “Armenian” there is a board where different names of drinks are marked – for someone specifically and free – for anyone. When you come here, you should definitely “hang” coffee to someone. Be sure- you will be thanked.

"hang" coffee

There is also a well – known “bookcrossing” in this place – you can bring a book and exchange it for another one.

We advise you to come here and not only buy coffee, but also enjoy the atmosphere of a real Lviv coffee shop, where famous painters, writers and many other artists once sat on these seats.

Where: st. Armenian, 19

  • Lviv Coffee Manufactory

Lviv Coffee Manufactory

Another location that we cannot ignore – “Lviv Coffee Manufactory”. You can find real masters of their craft here, who know coffee and live by it. In the “Manufactory” they treat with feelings and know that every thought and emotion is important.

This place offers more than 40 types and blends of coffee. After tasting it, you can  buy the one you like.

Lviv Coffee Manufactory

In the “Manufactory” store,  you can also buy many other interesting things: coffee and tea sets, coffee pots, grinders, cups, as well as lip balm, soap, massage oils – and all these with the aroma of coffee.

Where: Svobody ave., 22 / pl. Soborna, 2 / street Valova, 16.

Lviv Coffee Manufactory

Choosing a good coffee is often very difficult, so here are some tips for you:

– It is better to buy coffee in grains than ground (more expressed and rich taste).

–  Overcooked coffee can give some bitterness, so find out how it was roasted

– The flavor of coffee should be pleasant and not intrusive.

– Be sure to check the date of roasting and packaging of coffee, one expiration date is not enough (it is recommended to consume coffee from 8 to 21 days after roasting).


Coffee is good, of course, but it tastes even better with something sweet. Lviv is a paradise for sweet tooth, so everyone can find a delicacy he or she wants. If you don’t know what delicious gift better bring from Lviv to family or friends, we will tell you.

  • Chocolate


If you ever dream of visiting the world of Willy Wonka, you will be able to do it in the Lviv Chocolate Workshop. It is famous for its ancient manufacturing technologies usage, and only the best ingredients for a taste that you do not confuse with anything else. A separate feature of this place is a large transparent glass, through which you can peek at the process of working on sweets.


“Chocolate Workshop” also offers a variety of workshops where everyone can make chocolate with their own hands. It’s a really great souvenir, isn’t it?

Where: st. Serbian, 3 / street Sichovykh Striltsiv, 5 / street Lubinska, 168 / street Kulparkivska, 226A / street Stryjska, 30.

  • Caramel

There will also be something to eat for avid caramel lovers in Lviv. Visit the Caramel Workshop. To make their delicacies, they use only natural ingredients – no artificial colors and flavors.


In addition, caramel is prepared in front of the guests – it is so exciting that even adults rejoice like children.


Where: st. Krakivska, 18 / street Serbian, 13.

  • Gingerbread (Cookies)

Gingerbread (Cookies)

Lviv – is a city of specialists in the field of sweets – the most delicious cookies (gingerbread) are made here. We recommended you go to the Yurashka Gingerbread (Cookies) Workshop to taste it. You cannot only eat plenty of cookies there and buy souvenirs, but also make some cookies with your own hands. Do you want to try yourself as a gingerbread (cookies) master? Take a master class and immerse yourself in the adventure.

Gingerbread (Cookies)

Where: st. Krakivska, 14.

  • Marzipan


Marzipan Workshop is a real sweet museum. These delicacies are made exclusively by hands here. If you want to please your family with an original gift, then you should definitely come here.



Lviv is famous not only for its sweets and coffee, but also for a wide selection of alcohol. There are so many different infusions, tinctures, honeysuckle and home-brewed beer that there will not be enough one evening to list them. Not to bring a few bottles of something strong from Lviv after tasting it – is a real crime. Here are some places where you can buy alcoholic souvenirs.

  • Drunk cherry

Drunk cherry

This spot is a visiting card of Lviv among tinctures. Always hospitable and friendly, “Drunk Cherry” doesn’t leave its position as a leader, because the recipes for making tinctures are passed down from generation to generation there. 

Drunk cherry

Where: st. Krakivska 1/3 / Rynok Square, 11 / street Arsenal, 3.

  • Bachevsky Restaurant

In addition to the incredibly delicious Galician cuisine, “Bachevsky Restaurant” also has a souvenir shop with a wide variety of different gifts. Alcoholic beverages (famous vodka and liqueurs of the “Baczewski” brand), spins of their own production, farm cheese and meat products, etc. – whatever you want to bring from this place, your relatives and friends will be satisfied.

Bachevsky Restaurant

Where: st. Shevska, 8.

  • Kumpel

If you want to taste a real delicious beer and then share the pleasure with friends – definitely come here. Kumpel sells a lot of craft products in its souvenir shops. First in the list – is alcohol: beer, liqueurs and vodka “Kumpelova Monopolova”. But, except of strong drinks, they can boast a wide selection of delicacies – sweets, twists, cheese products, and also a selection of gastronomic literature. “Kumpel” is the place where the question “what can you bring from Lviv?” will close for a long time.

Where: Chornovola Ave., 2B / st. Vinnichenko, 6 / Sq. Market, 18

  • Pravda Beer Theater

Pravda is a place where the truest beer is poured in Lviv. Only the best breweries from all over the world are invited here, because the main mission of this place is to create a unique product that will be recognized in all corners of the planet. Lviv-style beer is brewed here, which is drunk in Canada, Belgium, Italy and many other countries.

Pravda Beer Theater

“Pravda” is rightly called a beer theater. There is a brass band, and chefs prepare meals in the open kitchen. During excursions to the brewery “Pravda” everyone is also showed the production of beer and are treated it just from the vat. And to give the drink a real Lviv spirit, poetry by Antonych and other authors is read there.

Pravda Beer Theater

If you decide to buy a few bottles of beer or branded merch there – such souvenirs from Lviv will be surely appreciated by your relatives.


In 2015, Lviv was received the status of “UNESCO City of Literature”. And not in vain, because bookstores are at every turn here. To decorate your shelves with another book (or even two), we recommend you to visit these place.

  • Old Lion Bookstore

Somewhere postcards are collected, somewhere – stamps, and in the bookstore “Old Lion Publishing House” – stories. For mom, daughter, brother or grandfather – whoever you bring a gift, you will find what you want here. And, while choosing, you will be treated coffee or tea in the bookstore. It is said that they complement each other perfectly.

Old Lion Bookstore

Where: st. Staroznesenska, 24-26 / street Krakivska, 3 / street Halytska, 17.

  • Fedorov’s bookstore

A place where great books and good prices come together. The bookstore has collected thousands of treasures in its collection, including many collectible and unusual publications. According to the reviews, it is one of the best in Lviv.

P.S: Gruner is not responsible for the fact that you may want to leave all the money set aside for vacation there.

Where: st. Stavropigiyska, 4.

  • Bookstore «Ye» 

This bookstore has its own position – to promote the Ukrainian book. That is why in the range of “Ye” you will not find publications in Russian. And this is the peculiarity of this bookstore – the support of “their” in its market. In addition, you can also buy works by foreign authors in the original language. Do you have book-loving friends? “Ye” will help you choose the best souvenirs from Lviv for them.

Bookstore «Ye»

Where: 8 Shevchenka Ave. Kosciuszko, 5 / Sq. Mickiewicz, 1 / Svobody Ave., 7.


There are things that are put on the shelf, and there are those that carry with you (or on you) every day. Lviv craftsmen know how to please even discerning customers, and put all their skills and love in what they create. Prepare your wallets – no one will be left without cool purchases.



“ETNO” is a tradition adapted to modernity. Thanks to restrained colors and simple silhouettes, things of this brand can be well combined with each other and with clothes in other styles. If you want to emphasize your personality with interesting details, then you should go in “ETNO”. The brand is also based on the ideas of conscious consumption and minimalism, so these things are created in such way to please you for many years.

Where: st. Valova, 2.

  • Goira

If you still think that an embroidered shirt is something from the forgotten past, visit Goira. They will show you how modern traditional clothes can be and choose something special. Designer Iryna Dmytruk, the founder of the studio, is convinced that an embroidered shirt should be in the wardrobe of every Ukrainian. Her collections are comfortable and universal things, born in a combination of national traditions and modern trends. So, Goyra is a must-visit while shopping in Lviv.


Where:  Ivana Franka Street, 47

  • Dodo Socks

Dodo Socks

Who said that socks must be white? Dodo Socks decided to create a weapon available to everyone against gray everyday life – colored socks. Regardless of style and status, you will find the couple that best conveys the mood and your message to the world there. Grab a few for yourself and do not forget about friends – such gifts should be shared.

Dodo Socks

Where: st. Ivan Fedorov, 2.

  • Candles

Candles are usually associated with two things – romantic dinners and important events. However, every year they become part of our usual way of life more and more. We know a place where candles are made by hands in Lviv. It will help to fill the most important moments with light.

  • Lviv Candle Manufactory

Lviv Candle Manufactory

The manufactory store is a space that is always filled with light, aroma and color. Only the best creative experiments and fantasies are collected there, and you can feel the warmth of the hands of masters in each candle.

Lviv Candle Manufactory

Special love and awe are given here while making candles – each of them is unique, because it was created with their own hands. Surely visit this spot to buy a souvenir with which the evenings with friends and family will be even cozier.

Where: Sq. Museum, 1.

Whichever of these gifts you choose, each of them will warm you with memories of this special city. Follow our tips, get to know Lviv better and choose only the best!