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Where to go with children in Lviv

Don’t be in a hurry to add the Chocolate or Caramel Workshop to your must-see list, which Google has already suggested to you, because we have prepared something more interesting for your family!

Skate park in the square “Na Valakh.”

(Vynnychenko Street, 4)

If a love of active rest unites your family or you want to try something new with your children, the sports area in the Na Valakh square will come in handy.

Where to go with children in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel

An open-air skate park in the heart of Lviv, a petanque and workout area, a basketball, and a children’s playground – everything is there for family entertainment. Nearby is the Powder Tower – a fortification of the XVI century, and today – a modern cultural and artistic space. Therefore, if you still have the strength after the activities, we recommend coming here for at least a few minutes

Let’s tell a secret: the entrance to the tower is guarded by the city’s symbols – two sleeping lions, which help to fulfill wishes and children’s dreams.  Such children’s entertainment centers are a great solution to give kids a mix of positive, happy experiences! This is a real children’s planet of happiness!


Viking Bay Hotel and Recreation Complex and Ururu Amusement Park

(14 Lisova Street, Stare Selo)


Where else can you spend time with a child in Lviv? At the recreation center “Viking Bay”! There is everything and even more for active family rest: a rope park with rope obstacles for adults and children, bicycles and rollers, sports grounds, paintball, and shooting range.

Where to go with children in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel

Through the complex territory, you can get to the place where dinosaurs live. The installation of giant animals that move and make sounds in the amusement park “Ururu” looks very realistic and captivates children and adults from the first minute.

There are also two tubing and trampoline tracks for visitors, where you can jump a lot. There are separate attractions for the kids: swings and slides from which you can get off. Such entertainment for children in Lviv will be the best memories for them.


Entertainment centers


City of occupations and entertainment Drive City

(16a Sykhivska Street)


The children’s entertainment center invites young visitors to feel like firefighters, doctors, builders, hairdressers, or farmers and offers more than 15 play stations of paid professions. Here your children will be able to conduct experiments, catch criminals or create fashionable hairstyles. There is a separate play area for the youngest guests, trampolines and lasagna, a game console, and a Lego room that will leave positive emotions for every child.

Where to go with children in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel

You can enjoy branded delicacies from the restaurant or organize an unforgettable themed holiday for kids in one of the themed rooms of the institution – Pirate, Hollywood, or Princesses. Drive City complements the list of “Interesting places of Lviv region for children” and impresses with various professions. Such entertainment for children in the Lviv region is marked not only by vivid emotions, but also benefits, because it can help the child understand what he would like to do in the future.


Apex Sports and Entertainment Complex

(2 Buzkova Street)


The only indoor karting track in Lviv with powerful ways, a roller skating rink with professional coverage, roller skating rental and experienced instructors, a shooting range with air guns and sports targets, laser fights will captivate young and old riders and fans of extreme sports.

Where to go with children in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel

To celebrate the victories and achievements of your children, the entertainment complex invites you to a sports cafe with a varied menu for all guests. In the city of Lviv, children’s entertainment of this type is trendy. Everyone loves such an active holiday with children in the Lviv region!


Holiday complex “Park. Art of Rest »

(43a Vitovskoho Street)


Do you think about where to go with children near Lviv? Holiday complex – is an excellent option for a family vacation. The cozy establishment is located in a park near the city center, so it is not surprising that it quickly became one of the favorites among Lviv residents for family breakfasts and holiday events.

Where to go with children in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel

A peaceful atmosphere, a spacious terrace with incredible views of the park, a special children’s menu, and a large safe playground are complemented by refined interiors and excellent service. This will be one of the best days for your kids because such holiday for children in Lviv leaves no one indifferent!


Business cards of Lviv


Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Solomiya Krushelnytska

(28 Svobody Avenue)


Where can I go with the children in Lviv in winter? After all, traveling with children in the winter leaves the warmest memories. This is the period when miracles happen, children believe in miracles, and adults return to childhood for a moment. In the snowy season, the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater invites the whole family to watch a play for children in Lviv. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” based on the tale of the Brothers Grimm, is especially popular among children. Children will get acquainted with the art of ballet and maybe even love it to the core.

Where to go with children in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel

Light choreography, charming music, scenery, characters in beautiful costumes (and most importantly – a happy ending) will appeal to both children and parents. And not far from the theater is the heart of Lviv – Market Square. In just a few minutes on foot, you can enjoy the luxurious atmosphere of Lviv, the singing of street musicians, aromatic coffee on the main square of the city, and ride a miracle train. If you wish, you can visit the museums of Lviv, in particular, the Arsenal Museum, and show children many secrets from the past.


Workshops for children


Yeti House pottery studio

(42 Dzherelna Street)

You can not only enjoy art in Lviv but also create it. Yeti House Pottery Studio invites you to attend individual workshops and learn ancient Ukrainian crafts. When you cross the threshold, you will find yourself among hundreds of pottery and work tools that decorate the interior and create an atmosphere of creativity.

Where to go with children in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel

The master potter will meet your family, put on aprons and tell all the secrets of his business. And then, an hour of true magic will be waiting for you – you will sit behind a potter’s wheel, pick up a piece of naughty clay, and try to glue your product. It’s not easy, but move after move – and you and your child will master the craft technique. Children will have the opportunity to make mugs with their favorite cartoon characters, and adults will be able to meditate and forget about everyday life. Craftsmen burn products for you in pottery kilns, so that things can be fully used in everyday life and remind you of a good time with family. Yeti House is open daily by appointment. This is a great place to relax with your child and the whole family.


Lviv parks

Stryi Park


A leisurely walk with the whole family through one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in Ukraine is ideal for outdoor relaxation.

Where to go with children in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel

A pond with swans and ducks, a botanical garden, ornamental trees and plants, a greenhouse with parrots and fish, a musical fountain with the fabulous name “Ivasyk-Telesyk” will leave only the most positive emotions in your children. In summer, young visitors to Stryj Park can ride with their parents on the Lviv Children’s Railway train, ride bicycles or rollerblades, and go sledding, play snowballs, and sculpt snowmen in winter. In Lviv, recreation with children of this type will be interesting for both children and adults.


Places for active recreation with children


Home of rescued animals

(Oleksiy Dovbush Street, 24)


How to spend a weekend with children with benefits? You can go and meet wild animals in an urban environment and teach children to be compassionate about the world around them at the Rescue Animals Home in Demolition Park. Here, volunteers take care of animals and birds that have been rescued from the hands of poachers or unscrupulous owners.

Where to go with children in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel

Wolves, foxes, owls, storks, raccoon dogs, the little deer Bambi, the turtle, and even the nutria are just a part of the more than two hundred animals that live in the shelter today. You can visit the home, get acquainted with the animals, treat them to delicious food, and hear their stories for free every day by calling in advance.


Skating rink in the shopping and production complex “Southern.”

(36 Shchyretska Street)


You don’t have to wait for winter in Lviv to ice skating with the whole family. The spacious indoor skating rink at the Pivdenny market is open all year round and invites visitors despite on weather.

Where to go with children in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel

There is a figure skating school available for children, and between sessions, you can relax in the nearby café. This will satisfy young tourists and close the question of where to go with their children in Lviv.


Chevret Goat Farm

(Dmytrovychi village, Lviv region)


Are you looking for interesting places in Lviv for children? Just 50 km from Lviv is the Shevret goat farm of a very positive Willem family: the Belgian Bernard and his wife, Maria.

Where to go with children in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel

The hosts will be happy to take you on a tour of the area, which will be a real adventure for children and adults: first, you will visit the premises where goats, horses, geese, and donkeys are raised, and you can take beautiful photos for the family album. Then you will be taken to the shop itself, where goat cheeses are made according to the traditions of French cheesemakers. And at the end, the most delicious and enjoyable part of the tour will be waiting for the whole family – product tasting. A variety of pieces of cheese, condensed milk, jam, goat’s milk for children, or a glass of delicious wine for parents – could it be more ideal for a family vacation?


Restaurants for recreation with children

 Bachevsky Restaurant


Wherever you are – the morning in the city of Leva should start with a hearty breakfast, which will charge you with energy for the whole day and give you the strength to walk around Lviv.

Where to go with children in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel

The Bachevsky restaurant offers a buffet, a glass of champagne, or a cup of fragrant Lviv coffee at 8 am for parents and a large selection of dishes for children. Exquisite 19th-century interiors, live music, a flowering conservatory with canaries and parrots create a unique atmosphere in the establishment. A feeding chair, toys, and coloring books will help parents enjoy their stay here to the fullest.



Pizza Celentano Ristorante

(Grigorenko Street, 5)


Delicious branded pizza, fragrant Italian wine, comfort in the center of Lviv – what else do you need for a relaxed family lunch or dinner? That’s right – a children’s room with toys and a children’s menu. All this is the restaurant Pizza Celentano, located next to our hotel and invites you to visit.

Where to go with children in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel


This option is sure to please young gourmets and will close the question of where to go with the kids on the weekend.


Love & Lviv Restaurant

(66 Stryjska Street)


We know one option if you are looking for an atmospheric place to go on a weekend with a child! The family restaurant Love & Lviv is located right next to the park. A cozy and hospitable place in the style of Scandinavian-loft minimalism has everything for a relaxing time with children: a terrace with a children’s corner, a specially designed menu, and chairs for young visitors. The restaurant offers delicious signature cuisine, a dessert menu, live music, and affordable prices for adults. A holiday in Lviv with children will leave only pleasant impressions and vivid emotions.

Where to go with children in Lviv, Gruner - Lviv Boutique Hotel


Family vacation with a child in Lviv – is a great solution for the weekend! Moreover, now you know a lot of fun and have many answers to where to go with children in Lviv. We hope you enjoy your time in Lviv with children, and our selection of locations will help you make an exciting route not only to famous places but also to discover something new!



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